SAINT PAUL KINGS – Murda Squad: Vol.2

Name: SAINT PAUL KINGS – Murda Squad: Vol.2
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 2019
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Duration: 01:06:41
Size: 147 Mb
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01. Malo x Killa Khaos; Solo; Red Hot; Angel; JUEV-G – Coming out the Pilla.mp3
02. Malo x Solo; Killa Khaos – We Steady Ridin.mp3
03. Malo x Solo; Killa Khaos – Armed WITH the Fucken Tek.mp3
04. Malo x Trigga-B; Solo; Angel – Imma Die for My Peeps.mp3
05. Malo x Killa Khaos – Bloody Murder.mp3
06. Malo x Solo – My Wrong Ways.mp3
07. Malo x Solo – Learned to Brawl.mp3
08. Malo x Solo; G.O.B; Mastamind; Trigga-B – Watch Your Mouth.mp3
09. Malo x Solo; Killa Khaos – I Put It on the Crown.mp3
10. Malo x Solo; Killa Khaos; Angel; JUEV-G; Red Hot – Murda Squad Come Harder.mp3
11. Malo x Solo; Angel – Sent Here to Destroy.mp3
12. Malo x Red Hot; Killa Khaos; Angel – Sick in the Zone.mp3
13. Malo x Solo; Killa Khaos – Smokin on Trees.mp3
14. Solo x Malo; Killa Khaos – Straight from the Block.mp3
15. Solo x Malo – Minnesota Soldier.mp3
16. Malo x JUEV-G – Hood to Death.mp3
17. Malo x Solo – It Aint over Till Its Over.mp3


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